Kevin Quirk, United Gymnastic Academy

“I am completely satisfied with my decision to advertise in the Trader Magazines. We have had 2 to 1 results from our ads in the Trader Magazines compared to the other national coupon magazines. We look forward to our continued success with the Trader.”

Mike McCormick, Dave & Buster’s in Orland Park

“We have been advertising in the Orland and Tinley Park Trader Magazines for some time now and we could not be happier with the results. Coupons keep coming in even weeks after the ad runs! We feel your magazine has a genuine appeal to moms because of all the local ads and things like the local “Cover Kid”. We look forward to our continued success with Trader Magazine.”

Brian Nolen II, Battery Giant

“I can remember the first time Bob approached with the Orland Park Trader Magazine. I immediately said no. Bob returned the following week and offered me yet another chance to advertise. I said yes, and was I glad I did! The very first ad we ran we were flooded with coupons which means that thousands of people are seeing our ad! This was a year ago and you could not pay me to remove my ad from the Orland Park Trader it has truly increased my bottom line!”

Erica Davis, Erica Davis Salon & Spa

“I am very happy with my decision to advertise in the Trader Magazine. Our Trader Magazine ad brought us many new clients and now new regulars. The results where great, we will be advertising in the Trader Magazine again.”

Sharon S., Get the LOOK Hair Salons

“I’ve used many different forms of print advertising over the 29 years I’ve been in business. The response from the Trader Magazine has been very successful. The magazine is timely and covers a larger area than other options. I am completely satisfied!”

George Uhlmann, Uhlmann Home Improvement

“Deciding to advertise with the Trader Magazines was the best advertising decsiion I have made in a long time. With all the other advertisers out there, the Trader Magazine stands above the rest. The response I have received has been incredible! I really like the personal and professional service I receive from Chuck. He goes out of his way to make my company successful. I love being a part of such a high quality, beautiful, community driven magazine. Thank you Chuck and the Trader Magazine.”

Amber Luna, Healthy Connections

“We have been advertising with Trader Magazine for about one year now. It can very difficult to market in our industry, however, Trader has helped us make each ad a success. Not only do they produce a fantastic product, but they are also great to work with and genuinely care about the success of their customers. We have utilized many other advertising companies in the surrounding area and not one of them has even come close to delivering the service and results we have received with Trader.”

Mark Dewar, The Manhattan Firehouse

“I would like to take a moment to sing a song of praise for Tracy L. Being a new business owner, Tracy has provided crucial marketing insight that has helped greatly in establishing our niche in the market segment. She also has a keen ability to quickly develop rapport that translates into trust and confidence. Further more, Tracy is always upbeat and happy. As part of the Lincolnway Trader Magazine, Tracy is obviously a true cornerstone that should be recognized. It is a absolute pleasure to work with Tracy and I look forward to continually develop our working relationship.”

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