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“Deciding to advertise with the Trader Magazines was the best advertising decision we have made in a long time. The response has been incredible! With all the other advertisers out there, the Trader stands head and shoulders above the rest – we have never had response anything like what we get since trying the Trader. The results are amazing enough, but we also love being a part of such a high quality, beautiful, community driven magazine. It really helps the whole idea of shopping local and supporting your community. I know I personally make it a point of patronizing my fellow advertisers, and I know my customers tell me they do, as well.

Our sales rep, Tracy, is also such a pleasure to work with. She brings new meaning to “customer service”. She really makes you feel like she cares about her clients and their businesses and their overall well-being. She even is willing to help us get creative with our ads so that they are both pleasing to look at and effective as well.

We thank the Trader magazine for bringing back the quality, customer service, and usefulness of advertising that has been lacking in our community for a long time!”

Jane Fabian

Fabian’s Floors